How to Create and Set Up Martian Aptos Wallet?

How to Create and Set Up Martian Aptos Wallet?

To use Martian Aptos Wallet, first, you need to download the extension.

Then, you need to create your Martian Wallet account.

The account creation process includes setting a new password and backing up the recovery phrase.

Steps to Create and Set Up Martian Aptos Wallet

  1. Install Martian Aptos Wallet
  2. [Click “Create a New Wallet ”]
  3. [Set a Password]
  4. [Backup the Recovery Phrase]
  5. [Use Martian Aptos Wallet]

1. Install Martian Aptos Wallet

If you have already installed the Martian Aptos Wallet extension, you can skip this step.

First, you need to add the extension to Chrome.

To do so, visit the Martian Wallet website and click “Add to Browser ”.

Now, the installation should have started.

2. Click “Create a New Wallet

After the installation, a new window will open up. If not, you can use the shortcut Alt/ Option + Shift + X to open the wallet extension.

Now, you need to select “Create a New Wallet ” since you are new to the Martian Aptos Wallet.

After that, click “Continue ”.

3. Set a Password

As a part of wallet account creation, you need to set a strong password to access the Martian Wallet on your current device.

Remember, the password gets stored on your device, not on the server of Martian Aptos Wallet. Hence, the wallet team cannot recover your password if it is lost.

However, you can reset the password by yourself with the recovery phrase, which we will talk about in the next step.

Now, enter the password with a minimum of 8 characters, including a special character and a number.

Click “Continue ”.

4. Backup the Recovery Phrase

Since Martian Aptos Wallet is a decentralized wallet, the recovery phrase alone will give you full access to your wallet and funds.

Hence, store the recovery phrase with best practices. Always, store it in a physical format rather than a digital one.

After setting the password, the wallet displays your recovery phrase.

Write it down on a piece of paper and save it securely. Since the recovery phrase is unique to each wallet account holder and gives full access to your account, you must not share it with anyone.

Once you have taken a backup, click “Continue ”.

5. Use Martian Aptos Wallet

Now, you can send and receive all Aptos tokens and NFTs.

On the dashboard, you can see your tokens and the account balance.

To view your NFTs minted, you need to tap on the “foursquare ” icon.

To see the recent transactions, tap on the “recent transfer history ” icon.

To lock your Martian Aptos Wallet, tap on the “Aptos icon ” in the left corner of the wallet.

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