How to buy Low and sell high (Earn passive Income)

How can we earn passive income by BL and SH

Recently Cz’s one tweet told us that If we buy high then It directly means we aren’t doing right thing.

So we should buy the dip and sell high right?

And binance Dual investment does just that along with additional APR

it helps user To select from a wide range of coins to subscribe to. In this users can Choose to sell high or buy low. (By choosing different prices). If the target is hit by specified date we would get The amount we sold into or the coin we wanted to buy at low + #APR ( Mentioned when subscribing) If not then we would get the APR on stablecoin or coin we deposited.

It’s one of the best way to Earn passive income.

It’s just a small trick not a financial advise

You should do your own deep research too

Thank you…


Interesting guide thank you