How to buy a vps

Race :-

1. Purchase VPS

I will suggest you to order your VPS on Contabo

Link :-

Choose Most Popular Plan

Options to choose :- 1 Month >> European >> 400 GB >> Ubuntu 20.04 >> Generate Password >> Next

After it click on Next

And Now enter your details like name address and all!

Click Next and Now complete the transaction.

Once you have complete your order. You will receive a first email.

After it you will receive a mail which contain your IP.

For me its takes approx 6 hours

And right now when I am writing this Contabo is down !!

2. Connect Your VPS

For Windows :-

Now we have to connect our IP , for this we use Putty.

Link :-


  • Paste server IP to “Host Name” and click “Open”
  • In the opened tab, write the command: root;
  • Press “Enter” and paste the password from the server, then “Enter

Note :- Password will never we displayed , Just type and press “Enter

For MacOS :-

On macOS, launch the Terminal.

  • Enter the server with the command (change IP_ADDRESS to the server IP):ssh root@IP_ADDRESS
  • Next, enter “yes”, press “Enter,” and paste the server password (the icon with the key will hide the entered password). Press “Enter”.

You can use a VPS that you already have also. Make sure you are not running any other node on that or these two might clash and both may fail to stay awake.