How to boost account activity and earn badges💯

  1. like this post with a heart❤
  2. emoji this post👍
  3. quote this post💭
  4. share this post via email📧
  5. throw any link in the comment♻️
  6. filled out profile information👨‍💻
  7. reach trust level 1🏁
  8. create a new post
  9. edit this post by adding emoji to it
  10. drop your post below in replies and i’ll post like it✔

Let’s get to it guys!!!


:grinning: ok!

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Really…hmm :thinking:… thanks

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How do i create a topic?

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That’s sounds cool but the moderator on DC said membership badge to new member has been stop at the moment.:pensive:

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Simply choose any topic of your choice and create content on it, then post.

It won’t still be bad if you keep engaging and stacking the activity points. It will sure be useful to you on the longrun


Copy that.

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