How to be eligible for upcoming airdrop

To be eligible for the upcoming Aptos airdrop, it’s essential to earn the Aptos Community Badge. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to qualify :point_down:

  1. The first thing you need to do is connect your Discord account / provide your email address.
  2. After creating a unique username and verifying your email, make sure to fill out your bio completely (This will help others in the community get to know you better. )
  3. To earn more than 10 badges, actively engage with the community and interact with members who hold community badges.
  4. You can participate in :
  • discussions
  • reply to other members’ posts
  • like their contributions
  • and encourage meaningful responses
  1. Your primary objective should be to reach Trust Level 3. Once you become super active on the platform, keep an eye on your email. You might receive a notification informing you that your trust level has increased.

:pushpin: Addition :
Create Aptos-Compatible Wallets
Get started by creating Aptos-based wallets, such as Martian Wallet, Pontem Wallet, Fewcha Wallet, or EvoWallet. Most wallet applications offer Chrome extensions that simplify the wallet creation process. Set a secure password and save your seed phrase as instructed. After successfully creating a wallet, explore the available Aptos-based apps and consider engaging in swaps and other transactions.