How to avoid rug pull in meme coin

I will be telling you guys some key points to check in a contract address of meme coin so as to avoid a rug pull

1: check the address that deploy the token to see if it has done previous rug pull.

2: copy the contract address of the token to ether scan or bsc scan depending on the blockchain the token was created on to see if the top ten holders have any connection

3: check if the liquidity of the token is lock, if it is not lock then it is not advisable to invest

4: check if the contract address of the token can be modified or sell/buy tax can be increase or reduce, if it can be modified it is not safe

5: finally make sure the token contract address ownership is renounced

You can check the contract address on chain

Stay safe out there​:heart::fist:

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Nice bro. Very helpful