How my Japa Story went

Before I left Nigeria, my visa was denied 7 times. I eventually made it to London to study. I was able to get a room of my own after about 2 years. Then I fell ill suddenly and spent months in the hospital. By the time I came back, I had been evicted and couldn’t find any of my belongings till today.

I had to go back couchsurfing again. It was a tough and dark time, recovering medically and the challenge of starting again.

I thought God wanted to show me why I he didn’t grant those visas. Maybe abroad was not for me. I remember phoning home that I wanted to come back. Depression set in.

I started taking things one day at a time. Step by step daily. Life has turned out better than I could ever imagine. I thank God I didn’t do the things that crossed my mind then. It can get really hard before it gets good. May God give us the strength to see it through :heart:strong text


Let the Lord be with you bro.


Thank God things are getting better again for you :slightly_smiling_face: