How many people will get the next APTOS airdop

Will as much as 30,000 people get the next APTOS airdop, and If you get the airdop will you sell or hodl yours?


I got the first APTOZERO but i was unable to claim when they were claiming it coz i didnt kno what really caused it so this time i pray i get the opportunity and am gonna sell 50% & hold the rest for the next bullrun


That’s a fantastic thing to do… hopefully I get the airdop too


I got the first airdrop and naturally I’d hodl except I have need to sort out emergencies…still hodling a few from the first airdrop… Hopefully I get the second too

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You’ll get it fren

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I beleive we will all get it this time around

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out of 51 .02% allocated for community,20% million tokens have distributed to 110,235 testnet users ,which means there is still about 49.021,7359 available for community ,with this ,alot of people should get the airdrop this time around.

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nigerians with their stupid mentality support?
who asked about the remaining drops? i don’t get.

kindly read the qustion again and relate it with my reply

I will hodl. Aptos is a great project. I can’t wait to see it at $50

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all of us because of airdrop?, elon musk younger brother since you search google for the answer. you think you can do all.

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Really don’t know yet till it comes

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That will be a good number of people that will claim the airdrop.
But I’ll advice to keep some amount of the airdrop


Waiting for the big launch