How If NFTs APTOS ZERO for elegible claiming tokens Airdrop in any project has build with APTOS NETWORK?

How do you things guys if NFTs Aptos Zero Testnet and who has claiming the Airdrop from AIT-1 until AIT-3 have claiming airdrops in other project has build with Aptos Network ? same as Arbitrum or ZKSync who have bridge ETH to ZKSync or ARB will eligible claiming the Tokens under ARB/ZKSync Network and Now in Aptos will do it ! please give your opinions ! :heart_eyes: We All Needs Aptos being huge ecosystems ! Hurray


I barely understand what this post is really talking about

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Benjoz88 huh did you get the first drops from them ??

You guys might want to check out this post and learn one or two things

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It all depends on you. Some may say, this isn’t the right time to dive in. Others would say is there season.

This is great for the community

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