How Has Web3.0 impacted your life? Where and what would you be without web 3

Tell us how the crypto industry has impacted your life?

How far and well do you think you would have fared without Web3.0?

lets share real life experiences and true stories


My life right now without web3 would have been a mess​:rofl::cold_sweat:
Seriously, web3 world is the best. Although it got it’s own ups and downs


It has made a huge impact on my life. I have received major airdrops since Uniswap in 2020. I’ve made many friends in NFT’s and gaming, from Rumble Kong League, to Hungry Wolves, to Sandbox, to Gala Games.
When I discovered Bitcoin in 2017 I was working 3 jobs. One of them was overseeing three large distribution centers. I worked all the time and missed my kids growing up.
Now, I work one job as an analyst. I got out of debt and I spend time with my family. We get more time to enjoy life together and the occasional cool gift rather than paying interest on debt.
It’s a long game and it takes a while. After one and a half 4 year cycles your life will change significantly.
Keep grinding :muscle: and enjoy the journey!


Woooooow! What a story. I really like your story.

This is a testament to those who have almost quit to hang in there and keep their feet on the gas and never let go.

Its nice to know that you have created and achieved your financial freedom through the crypto industry and you are able to lead a happy life with your family

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Thanks for sharing photosynthesis. I hope and wish that you achieve bigger gains in this space now and in the next bullrun and beyond


Thank you! I’m not totally financially free yet, but much better than we’ve ever been. I hope another good bull cycle will get us there. We will see.
I appreciate your feedback and am grateful to enjoy the journey with good friends and like minded people!

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Its a pleasure to read back from you buddy. I pray that the next bullrun will usher in all the results of your investment and hardwork in industry.

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Same to you my friend. Thank you.

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