How easy to get 14 badges within a short period of time

:anger: Update your profile by setting a profile picture and get your first badge
:anger: Be consistent with your engagement to earn another badge.
:anger: Like this post by clicking the :heart: button for another badge
:anger: Give this post an emoji for 4th badge (That is first emoji badge)
:anger::Reply under this post to get another
:anger: Share this post for another badge
:anger: Make a post and get an " editor " badge
:anger: Fill the remaining fields in your profile to update it
:anger: Engage more on community chats
:anger: Quote a reply and earn a badge
:anger: Tag somebody to a post and earn another badge
:anger: Repost or share this post in other communities to earn a badge. :melting_face:
:anger: Don’t stop the grind.:heart: