How does Aptos Network compare to Ethereum?

Aptos Network and Ethereum are two layer 1 blockchains that support smart contracts and decentralized applications. Both use a proof-of-stake mechanism to reach consensus. However, there are some differences between the two, such as:

  • Aptos uses the Move programming language, which is claimed to be more secure and flexible than Solidity used by Ethereum.

  • Aptos promises a much higher transaction speed than Ethereum. Aptos can process up to 150,000 transactions per second, while Ethereum can currently only process around 25 transactions per second .

  • Aptos has a team of experienced developers from Meta Platforms, previously involved in the Diem blockchain project. Aptos also has financial backing from leading venture capital investors .

  • Ethereum has better reliability than Aptos, because it has been in operation longer and has a larger and more mature ecosystem. Ethereum is also in the process of transitioning to version 2.0, which is expected to improve its scalability, security and energy efficiency.


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