How do I prepare for the next coming bull run . With no fund's and new to crypto space [Uploading: 20231006_174656.jpg…]()


Stay positioned they will be minor pullbacks but overall sentiments looks good :+1:, just a matter of time, and surround yourself with like-minded people who share in your vision


Thank you will wait

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Increase your income (2nd job, side hustle, other passive income). Get as much fiat money as possible.

Learn tokenomics.

Find your niche.

Allocate a higher percentage of your funds to low risk strategies e.g. DCA on high/med caps

Only allocate a small percentage of funds to high risk strategies (futures, meme coins, low/micro cap)

If income is too low, stick with airdrop hunting and dca. Note that Airdrop hunting is also considered high risk (pure speculation, airdrop may not happen) and has become diluted, but the required investment is only a few hundred USDs for farming 1-2 wallets.

Best sources of alpha are: twitter/X, debank, key/share-based socialfi (,, etc) substack, alpha discord groups, and there are many sources online but always dyor and follow the right people. And stay away from big crypto influencers.

Track whales wallets and good traders on Arkham

Leverage tools like Defillama, token sniffers, De.Fi scanner, dune dashboards, etc.


Look for possible testnet airdrops like venom