How do I choose a good validator?

Choosing a good validator is an important decision that affects your staking rewards and the security of the Aptos network. A good validator should have the following characteristics:

  • High uptime: This means that the validator is online and active most of the time. A validator with a high uptime can participate in more network activities and earn more rewards. A validator with a low uptime may miss out on rewards or even get slashed (penalized) for being offline too often.

  • Low commission: This is the percentage of the rewards that the validator charges as a fee for their service. A validator with a low commission will give you more rewards as a delegator. A validator with a high commission will take a bigger cut of your rewards.

  • Good reputation: This is the trustworthiness and performance of the validator over time. A validator with a good reputation will have a loyal and satisfied customer base, a positive feedback score, and a high stake amount. A validator with a bad reputation may have a history of poor service, negative reviews, or low stake amount.

You can find information about these characteristics on the Aptos Staking Dashboard. You can also read reviews and ratings from other delegators on the Aptos Staking Forum. You should do your own research and compare different validators before making your choice. You can also change your validator anytime if you are not happy with their service.


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