How did you hear about Aptos

Where did you hear about Aptos? How often do you use the forum and how long have you been part of the project?
What functions would you like to see on the forum?


I learned about Aptos from tweeter in March, then joined discord put noda, learned about the forum in October. And here it is already a month, the forum suits me. Keep on growing!


I think it was in the August but I don’t remeber where. Probably at one of the crypto degens group :slight_smile:


my girlfriend told me :heart: :heart: :heart:


My friend told me about Aptos

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I think I’ve heard about Aptos in Twitter.
I haven’t been using this forum for quite a while now though, and it just got me interested again so I’m pretty much back to being a bit active, and I’ve been part of this project since August or September I believe… and started using this forum back in Oct.
Also I think all of the functions that I would like to see in this forum is already in this forum so yeah, no complaint overall. :melting_face:

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I like to study projects at an early stage, help with testnets and going to the mainnet. I stumbled upon Aptos on twitter and on the same day I started participating in the testnet and applied for a node operator. The project is incredibly promising, its potential is impressive and inspiring. I’m glad to be a part of this community! :star_struck: :gem:

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