How did you find out about cryptocurrency?

Each person has an individual path. I am interested to know how, when and under what conditions you got acquainted with cryptocurrency. What were your actions after that, what did you do? Did you buy something, did you study something, or did you just observe for the first time what is happening in the crypto world? Tell us about your success and unpleasant moments, tell us about your strategies for accumulating and fixing profits, what exactly you do in cryptocurrency (which areas you prefer), tell us everything you think is necessary. Tell us what cryptocurrency means to you and how it changed your life / perception of the world. I hope to hear many interesting stories here guys))



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I kept hearing about it on the radio when working in the early days. I was always interested but felt like i had never the time to understand or figure out how to buy. Then at some point in 2017 i saw the movie: the rise and rise of bitcoin (can really recommend this one for those who havent seen it).

I followed the markets, they were pumping back then, and during nov-dec 2017 i finally pulled the trigger and got to know coinbase, they had just added eth+ltc so it was now possible to buy 3 coins on coinbase (btc, eth and ltc) I was buying all of these and 2018 hit. I kept dca trough whole 2018, 2019, 2020…still do.

So by the end of 2021 i had insane profits, and i had been starting to buying nfts also, this got me so hooked, total addiction, i still keep on buying every day. lol.

2022 was my second bear market, took 95% decrease to my portfolio, i havent felt this broke since my youth, but i absolutly love web3 and everything that has to do with it.

Cryptocurrency is an absolute wild ride, and if u cant handle the pain u dont deserve the gain.

Guys, we will soon start to see the beginning of the next cycle, this one imma be ready to take some profits, make sure u take some to if u able, and lets enjoy the next cycle until the end of 2025.

Big bless!


I first heard about cryptocurrency on TV in the news. Then the news release said that Bitcoin had reached either $1,000 or $5,000. Then I heard about it and later forgot about it. Interesting things are happening in the USA, I thought) Then it didn’t even occur to me to Google what Bitcoin is. Then I found out about Bitcoin around 2017 on YouTube from a pretty serious influencer, a dude who was serious about bodybuilding and ran his video blog about the right life attitudes, told interesting little-known historical facts, and how you can make money on the Internet. In several of these videos, he talked about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. At first I thought it was some kind of delusion, a scam, but still this man told interesting things, so I decided to listen to it further and see what would come of it. He told about the halving of bitcoin, that he was predicted to crash hundreds of times, but every time he rose like a phoenix from the ashes and its price grew. I was still watching cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap, saw bitcoin rise to $20k and then drop to 4-5k, thought it would be the end of crypto. But when it grew to 20k, and later to 40k, I finally understood that it was not a scam. Then I actively started looking for information on how to buy bitcoin, how to register on exchanges and everything related to it. Only in 2022 did I fully enter cryptocurrency. Yes, this is not the best period to enter, now I am sitting in the drawdown, because I hoped that there would be a tuzemun to 100k, but I am glad that I did it then, because only after that I started to study the cryptocurrency market, I gained a lot of experience. I hope that I will be lucky in this bullish cycle, which I wish for you too)))


Thanks for the answer) I hope people will be more confident now when we told our stories))


Feel free to tell your stories, at least minimally))


Salam her vaxtiniz xeyir


Yes, absolutly! I think it is good to share experiences like this so people can hear that folks is not given up. The more we are to belive in cryptocurrency, the stronger we are. Thanks for sharing ur story as well, it is interesting to reading about peoples stories.


That’s cool friend. Even if you entered a bit late it’s great you are being active and making research. This things usually pay off. We are going to make it :slight_smile:


Jumped headfirst off a cliff. And here I am. :joy:


wagmi guys