How can wallets improve? What's one thing you want to change/add/improve in current state of wallets?

How do you thing current state of the art wallets can improve? I am talking about not just Aptos wallets but all other non custodial wallets in general, and how you, as a user can see some areas of improvements?

You can share some random ideas or features you’d like to see wallet apps should have that would improve your experience of web3?


Thats crazy!

what next project will give a drop in your opinion

My bucket list for Wallet’s functions:

  1. Autodetect of all the tokens I have;
  2. Stats/history (with token contracts) like in DeBank;
  3. Chat with wallets added (my friends for example).

The last one is a killer feature for another wallets I guess.
The first two - must have.