How can I learn more about Move programming?

There are many ways to learn more about Move programming, depending on your level of interest and experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you are new to Move and want to get a general overview of the language, its features, and its use cases, you can read some introductory articles that explain the basics of Move and why it is a safe and expressive language for smart contracts.

  • If you want to dive deeper into the syntax and semantics of Move, you can check out the official Move book, which covers the core concepts and constructs of the language, such as resources, modules, scripts, access control, and formal verification. You can also find other versions of the Move book in different languages .

  • If you want to learn by doing and practice your Move skills, you can try out some interactive tutorials that guide you through writing and running Move code in your browser. You can also find more tutorials on how to implement specific functionalities or domains in Move, such as fungible tokens, objects, or DeFi.

  • If you want to explore some real-world examples of smart contracts written in Move, you can browse some awesome projects that use Move to power various blockchains and applications. You can see how Move is used to create and manage digital assets, such as coins, NFTs, identity, governance, and cross-chain bridges.

  • If you want to join the Move community and interact with other developers and enthusiasts, you can join some Discord channels where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback. You can also find more resources and content from the community at awesome-move, such as papers, videos, slides, podcasts, blog posts, and security tips.


Move or solidity? What is more useful?

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I prefer move bro

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