How about adding passwords, phrases, and changeable functions when hacking the aptos wallet?

I’m using Petra Aptos Wallet
Metamask is unable to use its existing wallet due to several hacking attempts
All the airdrop work that I’ve done with my old hacking wallet has become useless…
In my opinion, if the user can change the syntax or the password, it can be used after changing the hacking wallet, but why can’t the syntax be changed?
I want the aptos wallet to be double locked with a password and syntax in a different way, so that users can use it as a password or phrase change in case of hacking…


Yeah, your idea is nice.


Phrase means “not your key, not your coin”. It is save as long as you maintain it good.
In your case, try multisig wallet if you want.


Unfortunately, this situation is very unpleasant. It is important to remember that the security of a cryptocurrency wallet is a crucial condition for its use. If your wallet is not adequately secure, the risk of losing your digital assets increases. Therefore, I would recommend reaching out to the developers of Petra Aptos Wallet and asking them to add a syntax change function to enhance the security of users. Additionally, it is worth noting that the best defense against hacking is to periodically change your password and store it in a safe place. Be cautious and protect your assets!

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Thank you :rofl:

I opened my wallet today and did not find any tokens. Even the tokens that were in the stake had been transferred.

Martian seems cool