Hottest take of the latest news 🛑

:stop_sign: HOTTEST TAKE OF THE LATEST NEWS :stop_sign:

:zap: FTX has received court permission to liquidate its assets!

They will sell them on OTC and this may not affect the market. Hopefully…

And the other MAIN things happened to DeFi Space:

:email: Launched TON Space crypto wallet for Telegram users

:tipping_hand_man: announced $TIP tokenomics

:handshake: partnered with @ZodiaCustody

:unicorn: launched the loyalty program

:scroll: launched the new @Galxe campaign

:rocket: blockchain is launched

:yellow_circle: opBNB is launched

:video_game: launched L2 on OP Stack

:seedling: opened The List 2.0

:sushi: added @LineaBuild network

:evergreen_tree: partnered with Opera

:memo: Huobi was rebranded to

:moneybag: raised $300 million for its third crypto fund

:money_with_wings: raised $5 million from @@foundersfund and @daofive

:tiger: changes its investment strategy

:raised_hands: CEO has resigned

:on: exits zkSync management

:cloud: partnered with Google Cloud