Hosting Aptos Japan Webinar (Education & Workshop)

:bust_in_silhouette:Project Name

Aptos Japan:

:memo:Project description, events conducted

Aptos Japan is an organization that conducts educational and community outreach activities “for developers by developers” and is composed of volunteers from the Japanese community (Aptos developers, node operate experts, and veteran community manager).

We’ll be holding the first Aptos Japan Webinar as part of our educational efforts.

【Aptos Japan Webinar #1】

The event itself will continue to be held on an irregular basis with a theme to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem each time.

This event’s theme

  1. AMA in text format (articles will be published)
  2. Aptos overview by developers of Aptos-related products
  3. Workshop on how to participate in AIT3 and how to participate in the incentivized testnet

:palms_up_together:Value proposition to the Aptos ecosystem

Continue to hold educational activities on the Aptos/Move ecosystem for Japanese-speaking people interested in Aptos to promote the growth and expansion of the Japanese community and the entry of new potential projects & developers.

:two_men_holding_hands:Team Members

  • Hana: Developer working on Aptos product development
  • qyeah: Technical expert with extensive knowledge and experience in node operate
  • Takeshi: Community builder/marketer with experience as a community manager for Solana, The Graph, Ocean Protocol etc

:mega: In the future, we hope to see grants from Aptos for meaningful local community activities in Aptos/Move ecosystem.

Aptos Japan recently tweeted a partnership with Aptos Korea and hope to collaborate with more local communities in various languages. :handshake:

Happy Scaling!


That’s cool. I imagined Korea and Japan holding an event. :grinning: :grinning:

Looking forward to know more about the Aptos Japanese community

I can’t imagine what it will look like yet, but I’m very interested to see it!

Are you sure about Zoom? It requires registration, download the app.

It will be a general format without being eccentric.
Well, there may be some unexpected things since it is the first time.
We plan to continue working on it in the future, so we will enjoy doing it through try and error while involving more people.

The zoom link is not available at this time unless you register with connpass.

Connpass is an event management platform for IT and blockchain engineers, and is useful for announcing study sessions, searching for events, and attracting participants.

Aptos Japan does this because we are looking for existing and potential participants who can actually contribute to the project and ecosystem, not just numbers.

For your information, we plan to publish a ZOOM link in each content before the event on the day of the event.

This Sounds really innovative

Participation number was 100 (Limit by Zoom) . :jp: :rocket:
We need Zoom Business account to enable all jp community member to join. :wink:

Thanks @takeshi_tgal Hanasaka.


It really makes sense, looking forward to a lot of info, support

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Well done guys

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