Hoopas minting day

we have seen down trend in Solana ecosystem with less hype and focus since sol fell in price, so it has been hard to see a big hype project like how it has been before even though madlab bring in some hype back into Solana in the past day. Have found another project which can also contribute to bring back hype into Solana nft and make it running smoothly, still Solana still have more volume in it system just a project to bring it out and boom we are back let me put you through what hoopas has for the community.
We all know that the community is the heart and the mitochondria of any successful project, and hoopas Community is the best I’ve seen so far, the support on twitter, discord is top notch and the team is working hard for the success of the project :banana::banana:

They did a presale which currently sitting at 27sol bullish right and the mint is today
They want the project to scale inside and outside web3, the goals and objectives will depend along the way as they implement development during the process with a mint price of $130 in sol. I wish you can get on it