Hiring, Community Assemble

We are looking for community members to fill roles for marketing, community managers, content creators, collaborations.

We are the team from AptosHall, composed of 2 devs and 1 designer; and we’re building price charts for the many tokens on Aptos. We also have cooking a few other apps, will need all the muscle we can get. Don’t be shy, let us know you are around. Drop a comment below to get to know you.

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Hello :wave:great project with a great utility that will benefit the Aptos ecosystem :fist: check Twitter dm

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Alright! Just messaged you on Twitter so that I can apply for the Community manager Role officially. looking forward to your reply

Received. Will be reaching out today

Hey, I got 3 years for community management. Currently handling moderators across blockchain.

Let me know where I can help.

Hey Tesp, replied your twitter dm :slight_smile:

Hello frens, I sent you a DM on twitter ! :blush:

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