Here are several points for proper operation

Interact a lot with the community: Frequent and transparent interaction with the community could help identify potential areas for improvement. Organize AMAs (Ask Me Anything), ask questions and be responsive. After all, those who use your project are the best at giving you advice!

Comprehensibility: Your documents should be both detailed and easy to understand for beginners. If a ten-year-old can’t understand your idea, it might be worth considering a redesign to make it simpler. Don’t eliminate humor; after all, who said crypto had to be boring? :crazy_face:

Interoperability: As the blockchain world is so vast and varied, ensuring compatibility with other networks such as Polygon, Ethereum, etc. is essential. The more compatible you are, the more friends you will have in the blockchain playground!

Improve user experience: An intuitive and easy-to-use interface can make the project more appealing to users. If your platform is as confusing as a maze, users might feel like Theseus trying to get out. Except, of course, that there is no breadcrumb to help them!

Test and fix bugs: Bugs and errors could drive away users and potential investors. It is therefore always recommended to regularly test the project and fix bugs. After all, nobody likes a party with bugs, right? :bug:

Security: Protection against hacks and scams should be your priority. Implement a strong security system to ensure your users are protected. A castle isn’t just a fun place to play, it’s also a solid way to keep the bad guys out


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