Here are a few tips to help you gain badges


  1. Show your appreciation for this post by liking it with a heart.
  2. Use an emoji to react to this post.
  3. Copy and paste a section of this post and add your own comment.
  4. Share this post with others by sending it via email or twitter.
  5. Insert any relevant link in the comment section.
  6. Complete your profile information with relevant details.
  7. Reach the first level of trust by engaging with the community.
  8. Create a new post for others to see.
  9. Enhance this post by including an emoji in the edit.
  10. Share your own post in the replies and I will like it. Surpassed the limit of 50 likes in a single day.

gd luck guys


Thanks, good guide for new mem

Sure :wink:

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