Hepton β€” Massive Airdrop Confirmed

About Hepton

Hepton is a Layer-3 infrastructure project built by Hepton Labs that offers an interoperable blockchain network on top of Base Layer and Layer-2.

Hepton comes with two different scaling layers which are Hepton PoS (Sidechain) and Hepton STANDRA (ZK-Rollup).

The HTE token will be the gas token inside the PoS chain and the DAO Governance token for the ZK-Rollup scaling layer.


Hepton announced doing multiple airdrops.

The first airdrop will be on Arbitrum blockchain and will be distributed to those who own 550 $HTE (roughly $1), OAT and XP (from Zealy activities).

The reward for each eligible user will vary between $10 β€” $2000 based on OAT and XP ranking.

The snapshot was on May 9th 2023 and the distribution will be on June 10th 2023.

Currently there is another airdrop ongoing in partnership with Wallasa on Galxy: Hepton X Wallasa (Ecosystem & Airdrops) by Hepton | Galxe

The biggest airdrop will be on Hepton Mainnet for testnet participants. This airdrop will be worth $30 β€” $15,000 based on contributions.

You can read more about the eligibility criteria on Hepton Forum: Airdrop Updates - Announcement - Hepton Forum

How to qualify

First make sure to follow HeptonΒ΄s socials:

Zealy: Zealy - Join the movement

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeptonL3

Discord: Hepton L3

Then we can continue with the testnet.


First add Hepton Testnet to your Metamask wallet by entering the following:

Network Name: Hepton-Testnet

New RPC URL: https://testnet.hepton.io

Chain ID: 404

Currency Symbol: HTE

Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.heptonscan.com

Now you can go to the faucet page and claim your faucet: https://faucet.hepton.io/

Go to Hinox and connect your Metamask wallet: https://www.hinox.io/

Claim faucet.

Stake it.

Then go to Grenoswap: Grenoswap

Do 10 swaps and add and remove liquidity.

Make sure to stay active as Hepton will conduct a stealth snapshot.


There you have it.

Another massive airdrop coming soon.

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