Help me, I cannot get my airdrop

Hello, I cannot get my airdrop, I find the reason, I have deleted my discord account in SEP.19, so I can not login. But I have the “Aptos Zero: 9867” NFT, and it did not transfer ever, also ,I only have this one , so please help me get my airdrop, many thanks


Hello dear, you are welcome aboard the Aptos flight, we are so happy to have you with us, sit tight and fasten your seat belt and adhere to rules here, cause we are going on a WEB3 ride.

Were you sent an email saying you should go and claim Aptos foundation airdrop?
If yes, try logging in with gmail instead of discord. Thank you.

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Help me too please. I didn’t get any mail and i have everything intact, including the nft.

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hello,the problem is that I did not get email. can you tell me why I can not get email? it’s strange, I do have this NFT. I think you should give airdrop to NFT , but not login email.
I do not know why I can not get email, can you tell me why ?

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You are welcome to Aptos family. It so great to have you here.

Though, it isn’t everybody that was selected. The airdrop is a continuos process. So have a little patient. But, I urge you to give it a try should incase your email has issues. I MEAN THAT. Dear just give it a try. :+1:

@shumu01 refer to the above reply. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

there is no such email, I did not get any email from yours.
Also, if you can help me check which email I connect that nft? “zero:9867”
and if you didnot give me email ,could you send me a email?

You didn’t get email because it was not sent . Lets move on

hi ser, could you help me with this case ? i’m eligible but its 4 days and i cant claim my airdrop. its spicy for me

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the tx showed, but when i approved it, it is like that

First of all congratulations :handshake:
Click on where it said learn more. Look just above the red color writeup. Click it. It will take you where you are going to claim faucet. After claiming the faucet, then go back click the link sent to your email. Then you can claim.:+1:

Its the same issue, i had enough gas fees but the tx is always failed, this is not normal :frowning:

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Is you wallet on testnet or mainnet?

All mainnet ser, i dont know why.
I clear cache, remove extension, create new wallet, having enough gas.
But it is always the same :frowning: . It showed the tx but when i approved, it failed ::frowning:

Try different wallet like maratin Petra etc

I tried ser.
Deleted cache, try new wallet with pontem, martian, petra.
Its the same

I have minted a zero nft in my wallet but till now not received any msg in my gmail plz resolve my problem…
Gmail id : -
Wallet Address:-
Aptos Zero: 18483

try create new wallet address in either Petra or Martian, transfer some gas fee and claim with new wallet