Headphone Homies

Headphone Homies

Headphone Homies is a membership for musicians and anime lovers.
We create legendary IP, and help musicians get paid.

User-acquisition is critical, but it’s only the first step.
We aim to increase user-retention, and create network effects.

We have an opportunity to onboard millions of musicians, artists, and anime lovers from the start.

We can shape the narrative together, with intention, not as an afterthought.
As creatives ourselves, we understand what creators value, and where their pain-points are.

We’re able to speak their language, and champion Aptos as the best solution.
We want to be the reason creatives choose Aptos.

Feel free to connect on twitter:

Or… IF you know the password. :eyes:


how do i get the password


or is it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: