Have You Signed Up for Blocto’s First Ecosystem Development Fund Yet?

Here’s your chance to boost your Aptos project to the moon!

Aptos has launched its long-awaited mainnet, and things are well underway for the “Solana killer” Layer 1 blockchain. To further both Blocto’s and Aptos’s goals of Web3 accessibility and mass adoption, we’re coming out with a $3 million ecosystem fund for Aptosverse projects — and sign ups are open now!

For new projects moving on Aptos, the path to user acquisition may not always be easy but our less-than-30-second onboarding process makes this easy!

If you want to start building and onboarding more users to Aptos, then check out more details about the Blocto Ecosystem Development Fund, learn about what you stand to gain (access to our 1.5M-and-growing user base, marketing support, strategic partnerships, and more) — and apply before the deadline on January 31, 2023 (23:59 Pacific Time).

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okay, good!


thanks for the info


thanks, good!

I don’t think aptos kill solana but aptos look very interesting

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good idea ! :smiley:

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what are the advantages?

Good news!!!