Have you seen the new updates on Ethermail?👀

I have been opening ethermail on Phone and I tried opening it today on desktop and I couldn’t believe my eyes on what these guys are building.

Ethermail is not only going to limit itself as a mail service, it’s going to be a communication platform that allows users to connect with Video, Audio, phone and chat using the Blockchain. Exactly what zoom is offering.

It doesn’t end there, You can as well buy crypto, that is Eth, Matic, BNB etc on ethermail using your bank or credit card.

I was so impressed when I saw all this and I am super bullish on them

If you haven’t created an ethermail account yet, get one using the link below :point_down:


When you use the platform, you accumulate points that will be later converted to EMT tokens in the near future.

Do not fade this.


how to use ? just use their email account ?


Have you signed up? If yes, I can direct you on how to go about it.
Refer others.
Use the mail to send others email
Then try to test the new features.
If you don’t have enough contacts, to send mail to others, you can inbox me and I will share adresses that you can send mails to daily.
Inbox if you have more questions