Have you received the $APT airdrop? There will be additional airdrops soon

Based on our investigation, Aptos Only distributed approximately 3% of the total tokens reserved for the community, which accounts for 51% of the overall token supply.

Is there a plan for a second airdrop? How can one qualify? Let’s explore further in the following thread.

This picture illustrates the complete allocation intended for the community from the initial circulating supply.

According to Binance, here is the overall amount of tokens that were airdropped last year by the Aptos Foundation. When comparing this figure to the current supply, it becomes apparent that a significant number of 480 million tokens will gradually be made accessible to the community.

Based on my research, Aptos will continue to employ a similar approach to the first airdrop. However, there will be a stronger emphasis on identifying the truly engaged community members.

It’s important to note that this won’t be a retroactive airdrop or a process that involves spending money or artificially increasing trading volume to participate.

To potentially qualify for the Aptos Community Badge, you may need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit Aptos.
  2. Log in using the same old account that you utilized to claim your initial airdrop. The login option can be found on the top right side of the page.

If you’re new, you have the option to register using either your Discord account or your email address. Please ensure that if you choose to use Discord, the associated email matches the one you used for registration. Mismatched email addresses could lead to significant registration issues.

During the registration process, please create a unique username and remember to verify your email.

Now, proceed to complete your bio registration thoroughly, following the instructions depicted in the image below. To ensure clear visibility, tap on the image and adjust the brightness on your laptop or phone accordingly.

Fill in your bio details, including uploading your profile picture and banner. Additionally, provide your date of birth as required.

Don’t forget to fill in your country information. Additionally, write a brief bio about yourself, as shown in the screenshot I’ve provided below. Once you’ve completed these steps, proceed to the next option on the community badge home page.

To maximize your engagement within the community, it is crucial to actively interact with the various badges available. Aim to earn more than 10 badges, if feasible. This can involve activities such as making posts, replying to existing posts, liking others’ contributions, receiving replies, and exploring additional options for participation. Remember, the more involved you are, the more badges you can potentially accumulate.

Utilize the “New Topic” option to browse and select topics that interest you, allowing you to read, write, or comment on them accordingly.

In this case, I personally selected the airdrop topic and immersed myself in the community’s posts, gaining a sense of anticipation regarding upcoming airdrops.

One particular post highlights the confirmation of 5 million tokens soon to be allocated to the community. You can find more information about it at forum.aptoslabs.com/t/aptos-airdro…

Every badge you earn will be displayed in your notifications, just like the example shown below.

Furthermore, if you are highly active on the platform, you will receive emails notifying you that your trust level has been increased. The primary goal is to reach trust level 3, which signifies a significant milestone in the community.

By accomplishing all of these steps, you will position yourself for Aptos’ second airdrop, which has the potential to be their most significant distribution yet, considering the lower level of activity on the community platform.

Simply read the heading of each badge and follow the instructions outlined. If you can complete the requirements for each badge, you’ll be on the right track.


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