Have you interacted with ZETACHAIN?

**Am making Zetachain Simpler for everyone

DON’T FADE Mainnet soon :fire:

ZetaChain Testnet
Reward: Confirmed

  • Paste in Kiwi Browser
    -Connect Metamask Goerli Wallet

  • Click “Request Assets”

  • Request faucet on - Discord
    Command: zeta faucet drip 0x… Or request for faucet from their dashboard.

  • Swap assets from Goerli to BSC Testnet, BSC Testnet to Goerli

  • Submit feedback in Discord

Verify your Wallet.

  • Go to Leaderboard > verify wallet > sign**

Sure i have almost all the role in discord


Yeah ZETACHAIN :blush:


You are doing well


Not yet, but I will do so soon

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Try to . Don’t fade anything this season

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yeah it could be a very good proyect

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Yes done some interaction. Thanks :pray:

When Mainnet? :eyes:

We wait. Mainnet is inevitable

Since naw :rocket::rocket::rocket:

It is nice lets see whats update they will give in coming days

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Is there a new task on it?

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Not really … Just let’s keep our fingers crossed

Yea brother