Hand-Made Aptos Contest

Show off your talent and create a hand-made work

  1. The work should be related to the project (You can use Aptos logo as an example)
  2. Make a picture of your work and post it on social media
  3. Use hashtags: #aptos #aptoscreativity, also please, tag @aptoslabs
    The main goal of this contest is to draw awareness to the project, engage participants and expand the network of our contributors!
    We will choose the best works and see how creative our community is!

how much time do we have?

What means hand-made? with a brush on paper? :slight_smile:


prepare a cake or coffee with a logo. :joy: This is some kind of culinary handmade

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hand-made entries, not produced on a computer :slight_smile:

culinary hand-made can be a separate contest in the future :slight_smile:

please, submit your work till the end of August, let’s see how creative we are :star_struck:

I hope there is no end time for such an event. Because this is not a competition.:grin:


I would love to see plasticine crafts! It seems to me that this is not difficult and it can turn out to be an excellent installation. :smiling_face:

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my sister draws , I asked about this

its handmade

Catos?? Haha I like this guy.