Hacked on a chain, hacked on all?

A quick question, assuming I received some scammy tokens on, let’s say polygon, and I interact with it, does it mean that my tokens on other chains are compromised?


yes and nn that related to which permission you give to the hacker if you give a total control on your wallet so said bye bye to your wallet
NB : just foget old wallet and try to create new and next time dont ineract with something you dont know it ( miss it 100% good than got hacked )
good luck bro :slight_smile:


Receiving or interacting with scammy tokens on one blockchain, such as Polygon, shouldn’t directly compromise tokens on other blockchains. Each blockchain operates independently, and your assets on one chain are typically not directly linked to those on other chains.
However, you should still exercise caution and avoid interacting with suspicious, scam tokens or contracts, as they may try to trick you into revealing sensitive information or compromising your security in other ways. Always be vigilant and ensure you’re using reputable and secure wallets and exchanges to protect your crypto assets on all chains.

Always stay safu fam.


Thanks @mdghost and @fak142 , I received some knc but wasn’t sure if it was the real deal, so I had to check contract on CMC to verify, happened to be a trading contest gift from kyber

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Though I always have that question of what if …, So I decided to ask, thanks for your contribution


Great piece :pray::muscle: