GreenBlocks Validator

Hi all!
The team behind GreenBlocks has been operating in the blockchain space for several years now. Daniel, our CEO was previously head of blockchain technologies at Iceland’s biggest data center campus. We have been running a large scale BTC mining operation since early 2019. In 2018 we ran an EOS block producer candidate for a brief period of time or until we realized the level of collusion within the EOS ecosystem.
Our team consists of developers, hardware experts and economists so we have a broad range of competencies and knowledge of the blockchain space that puts us in a great position to actively participate in both the operation and governance of a project like Aptos.

  • Majority of team based in Iceland, we speak English, French and of course Icelandic

Our nodes are hosted within an Icelandic datacenter, placing them in an ideal geographical location that has been named as the best location for data centers in the world in previous research reports.
We are currently hosting the nodes within a powerful vCloud cluster with the view to move eventually to a full bare metal setup.

We have been following the Libra / Diem story from the beginning and are very happy to see it develop into projects like Aptos. We believe true decentralization and having capable members validating blockchains is critical so we feel our team and geographical location should be a great match for the Aptos project.

the GreenBlocks team