Graffio Drawing By Aptos

Mind You As At Writing the Event is Over.
But these Wat The Step to Accomplish the Task

:sparkles: Aptos Community, we’re celebrating Aptos One in style! :sparkles:

:arrow_right: Introducing Graffio: a unique canvas where YOUR art shapes a special commemorative NFT. :art:

:arrow_right: This communal art creation is powered by the Aptos network. With high throughput, low fees, effortless social logins via Identity Connect, and Sponsored Transactions, we ensure every Aptos expert and novice can seamlessly contribute to our collective masterpiece.

:framed_picture: Creating with Graffio :framed_picture:

:one: Visit
:two: Connect via Aptos wallet adaptor, or log in through social media
:three: If logging in socially, create a Graffio Wallet
:four: Add your art to our collective canvas
:five: Return later to your wallet to view your NFT

Don’t forget to engage in #graffio channel on Discord and show us your artwork. :sparkles:

Interested in knowing more? Check out the Tweet below :arrow_heading_down:


The event is closed sir

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Read The first of my message

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Have a good time here sir


fantastic …


The event was end

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