Goerli Ethereum might change the projection of testnet

Why will a testnet user be using more than 1GETH to perform a testnet transaction?

Looking at how hard it’s to mint 1GETH faucet from faucet banks, one wonders if developers are seeing the trends and working to build a better/easier to achieve the end result.

I tend to wonder the reason for the spike on ETH gas fees which spreads across all Ethereum chain;- Arbitrum, Optimism, Zksync, Starknet etc

I see an end in sight, will Aptos make the big score?


Linea consensus have the game on at the moment


The coinbase L2 “Base” announced they will use goerli eth exclusively as testnet gastoken. Coinbase got million milllllllllllllllllllions of users, it will be a new goldrush for devs to go build infra on “Base”. This meant that some dudes out there started monitizing recently “valueless” GETH and created a market where GETH spiked to $2.50 per GETH. To combat this exploitation I think node operators/supplyers of GETH started limiting the supply increase. So yes it will create a crunch where developers will either spend more money developing or leave otherwise talented devs outpriced. Im not sure if Aptos will make a big score though.


Sometimes I also get confused with GETH. I don’t mind buying GETH just to participate in the testnet of a promising great project. However, it would be unfortunate for our friends out there who don’t have enough the money to buy ETH just to use it as collateral for an address. As far as I know, testnet coins/tokens should be free and only used for trial/experimental purposes in a digital project.

This is just my opinion, and I don’t intend to impose it if others don’t agree. Peace :neutral_face::v:


Yes ,aptos will boom again


Patiently waiting for the time


yeah i agree testnet projects should consider that issue .

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Testnet tokens must remain free.

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Im trying to get testnet coins GOERLI but system dont give me them :cry:

easiest way is to just buy them from the testnetbridge by layerzero.

because people can now buy goerli eth on testnetbridge

I always bridge using Testnetbridge