Glory to Ukraine!

Hello Aptos Community, my name is Arseniy. Even at the age of 10, I realized that the future of the world in hands of IT specialists and now, in my 20 years, I have a huge experience behind me. Starting with knowledge of four programming languages (C++, C#, Java, Python) - ending with participation in dozens of successful projects(Moonbeam, GoldFinch, Axelar, DevxDao, Zeitgeist and so on), testing about a hundred nodes (Aleo, IronFish, Hopr, Rizon, Massa, Polymesh etc) and writing 8 custom websites. This is my bread and the area I earn. There is no secret that everyone is trying to advance in their field of work and make their future, and I see my future right here, with Aptos. Absolutely innovative project where I think I could be very helpful. I will be glad to any kind of cooperation, thank you🤝