Glitch or real?

There are just two badges now for the past few days
Is this a site glitch or does it mean there are no more bages to be claimed???
Leave your suggestions


Maybe this is to flush out some of the people who recently joined, that are here to make as many posts as possible to earn badges to get a rumored airdrop, but care nothing about the project or community. Just a thought tho.

I have zero proof of this, nor do I know the true intentions of any member here. I am happy to see our new members engaging and hope that they remain with us and committed to the Aptos movement.


No information about this, we are still waiting.

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I think the team needs some time to fix this issue.

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Can you name the two badges?


Might be true
People started grinding only for the rumoured AIRDROPS

Member and aptos lab employee

Maybe badges were actually removed

i think aptos team disabled it for short time, because so many airdrop hunter botting by completing easy task to earn badge in hope to qualified in rumour airdrop round 2

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