Glaxe passport, is it secure enough?

What do people think about minting Galxe passport? i’m a little uncertain about uploading my ID but my understanding is they don’t have direct access to the data without the user onchain permission.


Galaxe passport might be a new means for identification, knowing bots apply for a lot of things


Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) are digital identity tokens that represent the traits, features, and achievements that make up a person or entity. SBTs are issued by “Souls,” which represent blockchain accounts or wallets, and cannot be transferred.

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Mine is not verifying my documents, which doc did you use?


I’m also reluctant to provide such sensitive personal info. Don’t think it’s worth it.

Yeah it is

I think so

I think safe

Why are you still scared if you already have this information?, I minted mine just yesterday