Getting Started: Your First Aptos Arena Game

To kickstart your Aptos Arena journey, you don’t need to download any software – the game is entirely web-based, allowing easy access on your PC. For the time being, it’s not available on mobile devices, but the low entry cost ensures accessibility for all players. To begin, you can play for just 0.02 APT.

Upon entering the game, you’ll notice your name as ‘null,’ but this can be customized to your liking. Your APT balance is prominently displayed. Hitting the ‘Play’ button opens your wallet, where you must confirm the 0.02 APT transaction, often referred to as the ‘spawn’ cost. Once confirmed, you’ll be matched in a game where you start unarmed. To arm yourself, search for loot crates containing various weapons. These crates come with time limits, so speed is essential.

The game’s control functions are accessible by clicking on the ‘controls’ button. Engage in thrilling battles, eliminate opponents, and earn APT tokens for each successful elimination. With practice, you can aim for at least 10 eliminations per game, positioning yourself for victory in Aptos Arena.


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