Getting airdrops from high end projects etc

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:o::sparkles:Sui Final Thought :thinking:

:heavy_minus_sign:Market makers getting more tokens ( For liquidity other stuffs)

:o::sparkles:Is that a good sign. :thinking:

:heavy_minus_sign:It shows that there will be enough liquidity on sui but :joy: market makers may start dumping)

:heavy_minus_sign:In other case it may also cause a pump in sui

Who can predict the future :rofl:

:o::sparkles:Will a16z , jump :kangaroo: capital pamp sui ?

They are famous for their exit liquidity pamps :rofl: so wait for confirmation

:o::sparkles: Okx listing is some what advanced any reason ?

People who got in allocation in okx are mostly team members + sui frens winner aka sui long term believers it help them to control the opening dump of sui :upside_down_face:

Exclusive: the SUI official team requires the cooperative exchanges (Binance OKX Bybit KuCoin, etc.) not to launch the perpetual contract when the SUI token is launched

When SUI’s competitor APT was launched, the official also made this request, but because Binance ignored it and directly launched perpetual contracts, other exchanges followed and launched futures immediately.

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apt to the moon supper

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