Getting Airdrops From Aptos


Let’s Install The Extension and create a wallet

:o::sparkles:Go here :- Zecrey - Chrome Web Store

:heavy_minus_sign:Import old account in metamask (the account must be bind to ur

:heavy_minus_sign:Copy your BNB address (from Zecrey Wallet)

Let’s Register to Transfer Funds from L1 To L2

:o::sparkles:Open your Zecrey Wallet APP

:heavy_minus_sign:Click :arrows_counterclockwise: on top left corner

:heavy_minus_sign:Click Layer 2 Wallet: Zecrey Legend

:heavy_minus_sign:Register Account ID
Fee: 0.053 BNB

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thanks for the great work @bloomstarbms

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could you please elaborate more…

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ETH Gas fees these Days :joy::pray:

Can Dev ( @VitalikButerin) Do something Everyday I check the gas it’s not decreasing :fearful:

A small suggestion to @cz_binance bring leverage trade for Gas fee prediction so I can long ETH gas fee in binance

Also my fellow shitcoin frens sell $PEPE :joy:


This is Sui not Aptos… don’t use Sui in same sentence as Aptos… Aptos is bigger than that fraud called Sui that treated its community like shit!

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wow, i love this…

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