Getting airdrops and education


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Try To Mint Rareships in Public sale :smiling_face:

Mint link:-

:o::sparkles:Add Exosama Network:- Exosama Network RPC and Chain settings | Chainlist

:o::sparkles:Buy Sama here:-

:heavy_minus_sign:Mint price ;- 4000 $SAMA (96$)

I minted my Rareships Few days ago in wl mint phase :white_check_mark:
Will try now too

All done!!! :tada:

Now just keep using it on regular basis.

:pushpin: More use = The higher chance of qualifying

:point_right:Join :-

:point_right:t2: Follow @MaransCrypto for more new airdrops!

And kindly :heart_decoration: Like and :repeat: retweet the first tweet…