Get your bags up anon

one of the most important things for the trenches is understanding the potential upside on a shitcoin

99% of your bags are NOT the next doge or pepe, and you’ll find yourself constantly roundtripping until you come to terms with that

a good way to approach this is with the mindset of a surfer observing the waves in the ocean. most of the time you get small waves that are fun to practice on and surf with low risk low reward. thats the reality of most new coins, simply something to play and rotate from

in addition, you want to recognize the current conditions of the ocean/market. there are times where the tides/liquidity is better and the average wave is bigger. you’ll notice then that good new launches can reach a higher baseline marketcap

for example, past few weeks conditions were so bad that a “good” coin would be a 1mil topper. but as conditions have improved recently we’ve seen more and more coins push to that 2-3mil mark. you should then adjust your approach to ride the waves for longer

very rarely you will get presented with the opportunity of a monster wave, the shitcoins that can gain enough mindshare and liquidity to raise the tide itself

reflect on your own skillset/risk tolerance and see if you are the kind of surfer that sticks to playing the small safer waves and continuously rotates, or you are more experience to recognize and catch these monster waves

but eventually all waves will crash, make sure you don’t wash up on shore with them.


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