Get NFT owned by address

Hello, what is the best way to retrieve NFT owned by a specific address and then retrieve the full metadata for each of them? I’ve been using the REST API to get address resources but I am now stuck. Thanks


I’m also stuck there. What I can do so far:

Get handle to token store:

const tokenStore: {data: any} = await aptosClient.getAccountResource(

and then get information about a single token:

const { handle } =;

const tokenData = await aptosClient.getTableItem(handle, {
    key_type: "0x3::token::TokenId",
    value_type: "0x3::token::Token",
    key: {
        token_data_id: {
            creator: creatorHex,
            collection: demoCollectionName,
            name: demoTokenName,
        property_version: "0"

But I didn’t found a native way to get a list of all tokens yet.

Is nobody able to answer this for us? This community is dead already or what?

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I only see people asking for airdrop in this forum. And people knowing how to do it are keeping it a secret to make profit.

Maybe we have better luck on monday when they have office hours. Please keep me updated if you learn something new.

Will do, thanks.
I would hope that a new blockchain like this profits from the builders that choose to use it. Support is so bad though that I am seriously considering dropping out and glad that I haven’t spent a lot in here already.