🇩🇪 Germany has officially entered recession

:de: Germany has officially entered recession.

After the US blew up the Nordstream pipeline, it’s been downhill for Deutschland.

High cost of electricity, gas and fuel have been wrecking Germany’s economy.

:heavy_minus_sign: Germany’s first recession since 2020.

:heavy_minus_sign: Economy contracts 0.3% in Q1, 2023, after -0.5% fall in previous quarter.

:heavy_minus_sign: Europe’s largest economy.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: April Inflation: +7.2%

:euro: Consumer Spending: -1.2%

:factory: March Industrial Output: -3.4%

:red_car: March exports: -5.2%

:point_right:t2: Who’s next? :thinking:


I think we have only seen the beginning in Europe. There will be many more countries following, and the recession will go into full effect until end of 23 and 2024.
Now it time to DCA into stocks/ETFs and also Crypto to accumulate, and then be ready for when the econony picks up again in a few years.
Whats your opinion how this will play out?

May God help them

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I bet the US does not learn from them

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