GentlemanOwl - NFT

Project Name

GentlemanOwl :owl: , an NFT project

Project Description :

Being a gentleman takes time and passion. Become the gentleman owl who never sleeps

Milestones with Deliverables + Timetable :

We are a new team of gentleman who are passionate and ready for the ecosystem. The mint will take place some time after the mainnet. Join the community to have a chance to be whitelisted

Key Risks & Challenges :

The art . Capturing the essence of a gentleman owl takes time which will make each NFT unique. We are not migrating a project to another blockchain. We are here to build

For any collaboration request you can contact me via the Twitter of @GentlemanOwls


Chetor mishe kharid

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The design of these Owls NFT looks very bright and cool. For sure, I will try to get a whitelist.
I also wish others good luck getting a whitelist too :heart: :handshake:

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Nice design…am currently hungry for WL😎

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I like the design


nice project!

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Lov this design !