GenkiBox, the first on-chain quest deployment tool on Aptos


Hello Aptos ecosystem, Genki team is keen to bring the best tool and creative proposals to assist your Dapps to find effective users.

This is the live demo link for an on-chain quest campaign:

Below is a screenshot, of how you can deploy on-chain quests in 5 mins on GenkiBox Portal:

Users who complete quests display

Don’t have an Idea of a type of campaign to launch for your Dapp?

Worry no more, Genki got you covered, as we have been collecting a series of successful campaigns using our tool the GenkiBox Portal to give projects the ability to choose from this list of successful campaigns to launch engaging campaigns that won’t only end with social media engagement but will also bring in good traction to your Dapps. You can find such campaigns plus results and user retention analysis here, dig in and help yourself


We are open for a call to discuss your marketing initiatives. Also, if you want to know the unique marketing experiments we are doing now. Feel free to contact us:
TG: @jeff_taiwan

Genki’s into


Fantastic, This will help the builders a lot. Please I’d love to join the team as community mod, am vastly experience in building a loyal healthy community. Lmk If you’d see my CV ser.

We can connect on TG if you want. jeff_taiwan

Wow… This is awesome. Welcome to Aptos.:muscle:

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Are you building projects in the Aptos ecosystem?