General structures and processes for the Ru language-based community

General structures and processes for the Ru language-based community.

To increase the engagement of new users.

The main idea is to improve growing / developing the Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian language-based communities
I propose to create an official

  1. Twitter account - Aptos RU official

• Publication of all events and information

• Translation of all publications from the official Aptose Twitter channel!

  1. Medium - Aptos RU official

• Translation of official articles from the main Medium

• Publication of the highest quality user articles about the Move language and Aptos (example article from Magnum)

  1. Telegram - A very popular messenger among the RU community. Focus on it

• User support and interaction with the ru community

• If possible, combine the existing Ru groups into one

  1. Aptos youtube channel

• Basic info here (Official Aptos YouTube channel) This could be the main Aptos channel.

• To make a high-quality educational video (1 a plan is created, 2 it is coordinated so that there are no mistakes, 3 a video in ENG is created)

• The created educational video is translated + voiced by the language-based community and published in the official channel. In a special language-based playlist on the official YouTube channel. (Videos can be voiced in any other popular languages)

  1. I want to discuss whether an official Ru channel on Twitter is needed at all?
  2. How to improve growing / developing the Ru Discord?

PS. These are all my thoughts. Feel free to add your comments and questions.


Agree with you!!! Many not official RUS group in TG. It is better to create official.

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It is very difficult to say exactly about the need to create an official Twitter channel. After all, this is not the most popular platform and for some access to it is only through a VPN… but I think many of the “crypto community” use it.
I definitely like the idea of creating a channel on medium! :+1: it is very convenient to have all the translations together

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I think there is no need to create another group in the telegram, which will be official. Existing groups are legitimate. It is possible in the future to create an official channel (with the permission of the team) in the telegram, in which news about the aptos ecosystem will be published. Perhaps the channel format in tg will be more popular than the channel on Twitter


Like I understood tg channel especially for RUS community. I think we need official TG chanel for RUS (CIS) community.

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maybe you didn’t understand what I meant. Telegram has the ability to create groups and channels. At the moment, we have 2 groups that are considered legitimate (the Russian-speaking community communicates in them). I offered to create a news channel


This is a good idea, I support it, I think a news channel for the ru community would be good for people who do not speak English well


The community facilitate things, it a good idea

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